Our Mission


Woodbine Elementary School is a small school with a very big vision; to be one of the best schools in the district! Woodbine has been supported for years by a community of caring families who value education. We are also fortunate to have a staff of skilled and dedicated teachers who deliver quality instruction to students every day.

Our program is structured around high expectations of all staff and students. Through the implementation of the Common Core Standards, Woodbine provides targeted English- Language Arts and Math instruction to meet all students’ needs. We are proud of our students and their families for their dedication to education!

The diversity of Woodbine’s enrollment and community makes us a culturally rich learning environment for all students. Family activities are scheduled each month to foster a strong parent/school relationship. ELAC and School Site Council meetings are held monthly. Our parent advocate supports families helping with attendance, uniforms and referrals to community resources. Students also have a variety of opportunities. ASES provides after school care, homework assistance and enrichment opportunities including sports and the arts. Teachers provide tutoring for struggling students.

The Woodbine Wildcats are a family of students, staff, parents and members of the community on a mission to achieve excellence. Woodbine students continue to achieve and succeed!